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Supporting Comfort & Prosperity

Welcome to Pretzer Green Consulting! We are a new kind of consulting firm! We personally coach our clients through the complexities of designing and building green lives, homes, and workspaces. From material choices to green technologies, we provide the expertise that minimizes uncertainty, accelerates the process, and improves your wealth and health via green design, living, and financial strategies.

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Rapid & Concise Consultation

$ 15
10 Mins
  • Comprehensive
    Green Guidance

Personal Green Certification

$ 44
20 Mins
  • Powerful Proprietary Green Checklist with Coaching!

Project Analysis

$ 200
1 Hour
  • In Depth Analysis & Recommendations

Personal Green Certification

Have a better understanding of your FINANCIAL GROWTH potential & your properties’ impact on your wallet, comfort, and longevity.

Accelerate Quality Results

Start saving money and building QUALITY EQUITY today. With us going green is a priority. Misguided judgement is an opportunity lost, act now!

Simplified Green Guidance

Our experts cut through the noise. We align your needs with ACHIEVABLE RESULTS. Everything we do and recommend has roots in sustainability.

Personal Green Certification

Accompanied with our proprietary comprehensive questionnaire, our sustainability consultants’ are here to coach you the entire step of the way! Have a better understanding of your potential and your properties’ impact on your equity, wellness, and longevity.

  • Certification should take about 20 mins to complete. *
  • Get the crucial knowledge that you need fast with our PERSONAL GREEN CERTIFICATION!
  • Get ready to compete and see what score you can achieve! 
  • Yellow(0-49), Blue(50-77), or Green(78-100)!
  • It’s fun! Try our PERSONAL GREEN CERTIFICATION today!

*We charge our standard consulting rate for certifications that take more time than allotted to complete the certification process.

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Ready to get started? Let’s discuss the strategies that work right for your home or business.

Personal Green Certification

$ 44 20 Mins
  • Our Simple Yet Powerful
    Proprietary Green Checklist!

Build Value

We utilize best practices in each area of your living space which is affected by building and operation choices. From water, energy, and waste to eating habits and local amenities; nothing is left out of the discussion. 

We want to know works best for you! Our promise is to maximize the potential gains of each living or work space, whether for work or play we improve how you operate. From individuals to companies, we deliver quality information, fast.

Green Technologies

From water heaters to solar to heat pumps, we discuss what type of technology & strategy is the best for your situation & implement YOUR upgrades in PROPER SEQUENCE.

Material Use

From certified paper products to concrete floors, we help our clients create a unique pathway to meeting your financial and building performance goals.

Smart Strategies

Living sustainably can be done for the same cost as standard living choices if DONE RIGHT with a much larger Return On Investment. We take uncertainty out of the equation.

Green Simplified

Due to Covid-19 we have slightly changed the way we do business. Our approach is to equip our customers with the knowledge and specialized guidance that properly incorporates personal preferences with design and implementation strategies. There are many products and services, many of which cost thousands of dollars, so why not get a sustainability professional to help you in a way that is knowledgeable, accurate, and concise? We coach every participant closely which often speeds up the timeline and minimizes the costs of going green and living sustainably.

Personal Guidance

On your side, we coach you on the phone or on zoom depending on your comfort level. We help you discover your space so we can improve it together and our clients do learn so much!


Our comprehensive proprietary checklist scores each individual based on answers that helps us help you reach goals faster and for the least amount of money and time invested.


PGC has been improving how it serves its market. With so much information floating around on the internet we believe it is imperative that every person has the means to live sustainably.

Schedule an appointment now!

Ready to get started? Let’s discuss the strategies that work right for your home or business.

Personal Green Certification

$ 44
20 Mins
  • Our Simple Yet Powerful
    Proprietary Green Checklist!

About Us

Hi! I am Jonty Pretzer and I launched PGC to address how we look at the health, safety, and comfort of our homes and workspaces that we occupy and how we can improve estate wealth, improve and maintain mental and physical wellness, and provide an overall better standard of living.

My consultants and I carefully guide those we help by providing industry leading information. Our primary goal is to offer low-cost simplistic planning guidance to those interested in learning about & implementing the proper approach to going green in every area of our lives.