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Here at Pretzer Green Consulting we provide our customers with the feedback and knowledge to go green the right way. Our Personal Green Certification product provides a green lifestyle score with tips, tricks, and straightforward information delivered in a comprehensive report. By taking your Personal Green Certification you get tailored responses that benchmark how green you are. The PGC report is your road map explaining how, what, and in what order to address greening your lifestyle. From materials to the food you eat, the Personal Green Certification is the key to living a greener lifestyle.

  • Do you know our PGC report will address many issues related to living green?

  • Did you know our report summarizes years of research in sustainability in a streamlined format that is easy to understand? 

  • Going green the right way isn’t always clear, let us help.

No matter the space or lifestyle, we help our customers live a green life. We help you create healthy and productive spaces for your home or business. Live the life you deserve and get ahead of the curve; get your personalized PGC report and see how you score today!

*If you have received one of our business cards they contain non-GMO wildflower seeds. Instructions: Plant the seed paper under 1/8″ of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination.

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Personal Green Certification

$ 44
  • A customized proprietary green strategy and benchmarking report.

Accelerated Returns

We equip our customers with benchmarks that include customized responses and scores that specify what areas need improvement, where one is doing well, and several tips for achieving a green, comfortable, and efficient space. When going green it is important to understand how to prioritize items that need to be addressed. We provide the type of knowledge that accelerates and maximizes the amount of time and money invested in reaching your goals and living a green lifestyle.

Personal Guidance

On your side, our PGC report provides customized responses and scores through a short and thought-provoking questionnaire. No need to look for bills or decipher labels, our comprehensive report provides current and vital information to green your lifestyle.


Take our simple yet proprietary checklist and receive your customized report to embolden your understanding of how to live a sustainable and green lifestyle.


Pretzer Green Consulting has spent years of research and development so to provide accurate and vital information regarding several areas of green living. What the world needs are straightforward instructions on how to live green without having to spend hours and hours just trying to understand one topic and how to apply it. Get in the fast lane with the correct information.

Build Value

From water, energy, waste, and more, we include best practices, tips, and tricks to help our customers create a sustainable and budget-friendly pathway to living a green lifestyle.

Green Technologies

From heating and cooling strategies and food to water or waste management and transportation, we deliver a comprehensive report that addresses all elements of life.

Material Use

From product certification to flooring materials we help our customers have an understanding of how to go green the most efficient way possible.

Smart Strategies

Living a green lifestyle takes into account all areas of life. Living green does more than improve your longevity but makes a significant impact on future outcomes. Make a difference and get a streamlined report that gives you the knowledge you need to live sustainably and benefit from making a positive difference in the world.

Personal Green Certification

We are here to guide you each step of the way! Armed with our proprietary comprehensive questionnaire, we provide clients with a better understanding of how respective decisions impact the worth, wellness, and longevity of their life, home, or work environment. 

Discover how green you are and do better for less!

  • Get the knowledge you need to dramatically increase ROI and reduce your environmental impact by going green.
  • Each question helps you learn along the way.
  • Our questionnaire makes going green informative and fun.

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Quick and easy, let our report shine light on where you stand and what to do.

Personal Green Certification

$ 44
  • A customized proprietary green strategy and benchmarking report.


Hi! I am Jonty Pretzer, and I launched Pretzer Green Consulting to help individuals, families, and businesses make informed decisions. With a master’s degree in construction management from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in environmental systems from UCLA, I have worked tirelessly to learn how to help people go green for close to a decade.

We offer industry-leading information, planning, and guidance in all areas of green living and investments including LEED projects. Our mission is to offer high-return strategies to those interested in learning about & implementing pathways to going green in every area of our lives. We help our clients create rejuvenating, profitable, and productive environments.