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The earth is at a tipping point and now is the time to make the changes that will have an immediate positive effect on your life as well. By taking our quick, easy, and powerful 30 question multiple-choice comprehensive questionnaire, the Personal Green Certification provides you a score out of a 100 and a report with customized feedback including information from years of sustainable living research and consulting that can be used today. The score you get is your “benchmark” of how green you are currently and the report will help you understand what you can do to reduce your impact on the planet moving forward. From building materials to the food you eat, the Personal Green Certification removes the veil to living a greener lifestyle and knowing where you stand. Alone we can change our lives but together we can make the world a better place to live for generations to come.

  • Do you know our PGC report will address many issues related to living green?

  • Did you know our report summarizes years of research in sustainability in a streamlined format that is easy to understand? 

  • With the correct information going green not only saves time & money but improves well-being and productivity.

No matter the space or lifestyle, we provide you a comprehensive understanding of how green you are now and recommendations regarding what to do next when going green given your situation. By reviewing key green living principles we help you balance your resource needs with the outside environment to efficiently create comfortable, healthy, and productive spaces. Live the life you deserve and get ahead of the curve with your Personal Green Certification today.

*If you have received one of our business cards they contain non-GMO wildflower seeds. Instructions: Plant the seed paper under 1/8″ of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination.

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Ready to get started? Get the information you need and benchmark your progress.

Personal Green Certification

$ 44
  • A customized proprietary green strategy and benchmarking report.

Accelerated Returns

We provide our customers with a snapshot benchmark certifying to what degree a person currently lives green, referred to as a personal green certification. The questionnaire uses strategic questions to benchmark your level of green and evaluate and improve your living conditions. This is done by shining light on how your personal choices such as housing, transportation, and logistics affect your lifestyle. Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted each individual receives a personalized packet with a total score, customized answers and many insider green knowledge tips to achieve a green, comfortable, and efficient space more quickly and cost-efficiently. When going green it is important to understand how to prioritize items that need to be addressed, Pretzer Green Consulting provides the tools to accelerate and maximize the amount of time and money invested in researching how to live a green lifestyle now.

Personal Guidance

On your side, our PGC report provides customized responses and scores through a short and thought-provoking questionnaire. No need to look for bills or decipher labels, our comprehensive report provides current and vital information to green your lifestyle.


Take our simple yet proprietary checklist and receive your customized report to embolden your understanding of how to live a sustainable and green lifestyle.
Pretzer Green Consulting has spent years in research and development so to provide accurate and vital information regarding all areas of green living at a low cost. Questions have been designed to evoke attainable answers easily and quickly.
We provide a straightforward road map to how to live green without having to spend hours and hours attempting to understand each topic and how they work together. Get in the fast lane with the correct information you need now.


For close to a decade Pretzer Green Consulting has been researching green best practices and technologies. Our goal is to provide accurate and vital information to help everyone understand and get the most out of important green living topics and tips which save time and money even when deciding between green products or services.
We provide customized solutions and insider knowledge to quickly measure how green you are now and provide straightforward instructions on how to improve your life and your score without having to spend countless hours and money attempting to understand and implement each item of interest. Get the information you need now and get started on your Personal Green Certification today!

Build Value

From building materials to product certification, we help our customers gain a better understanding of how to go green in the most efficient way possible. It is vital combine the correct materials with sustainable practices and green technologies. The building envelope should be tight but only with proper ventilation, otherwise, the risk of off-gassing from materials and indoor chemicals can have an adverse effect on your health. It is important to understand how different materials contribute to the costs, comfort, and productivity inside of the built environment.

Green Technologies

From transportation to heating and cooling we deliver a comprehensive report that addresses all elements of life. Our personal certification speaks on vehicles, food waste, envelope strategies, utility use, appliances, energy efficiency, solar and more.

Material Use

From product certification to flooring materials we help our customers have an understanding of how to go green the most efficient way possible.

Smart Strategies

Living a green lifestyle means taking all areas of life into account. Anyone can buy solar panels but is that really going green? Our benchmarking certification provides you the type of information you need to live green and how to implement those strategies in the most advantageous manner. We provide a road map and the knowledge you need at a low cost so you can live sustainably and save money immediately. Make a difference and get your Personal Green Certification today.

Personal Green Certification

We are here to guide you each step of the way! Armed with our proprietary comprehensive questionnaire, we provide clients with a better understanding of how respective decisions impact the worth, wellness, and longevity of their life, home, or work environment. 

Discover how green you are and do better for less!

  • Get the knowledge you need to dramatically increase ROI and reduce your environmental impact by going green.
  • Each question helps you learn along the way.
  • Our questionnaire makes going green informative and fun.

Take your Personal Green Certification today!

Quick and easy, let our report shine light on where you stand and what to do.

Personal Green Certification

$ 44
  • A customized proprietary green strategy and benchmarking report.


Hi! I am Jonty Pretzer, and I launched Pretzer Green Consulting to help individuals, families, and businesses make informed decisions. With a master’s degree in construction management from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in environmental systems from UCLA, I have worked tirelessly to learn how to help people go green for close to a decade.

We offer industry-leading information, planning, and guidance in all areas of green living and investments including LEED projects. Our mission is to offer high-return strategies to those interested in learning about & implementing pathways to going green in every area of our lives. We help our clients create rejuvenating, profitable, and productive environments.